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10 longest bridges to drive across - USA TODAY

Apr 27, 2013 · 10 longest bridges to drive across. The world's biggest bridges cater to cars, and we've rounded up 10 memorable crossings.

10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World - Neatorama

Mar 06, 2008 · We've come a long way in bridge building since crossing a river on a fallen log. The first bridges were built with wooden planks, ropes and stones. Soon, stronger material were required.

BUILDING BIG: Databank: Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Building Big Databank entry on Sunshine Skyway Bridge

The World's 18 Strangest Bridges: Gallery

The World's 18 Strangest Bridges. Some bridges are engineered with nothing but utility in mind—for these, aesthetic design is secondary to safety and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District. WERE HARD HATS USED DURING CONSTRUCTION? Yes they were and here is how they came to be.

A bridge too far? Longest bridges around the world - in ...

Boris Johnson has proposed a 22-mile link across the Channel – a distance which sounds impressive, but which is exceeded by many existing bridges. We look at some of the longest and most spectacular around the world

25 Longest Bridges In The World - List25

Whether they stretch across lakes, gorges, or even swamps these are the 25 longest bridges in the world.

China's New Bridges: Rising High, but Buried in Debt - The ...

Jun 09, 2017 · China's New Bridges: Rising High, but Buried in Debt. China has built hundreds of dazzling new bridges, including the longest and highest, but many have fostered debt and corruption.

Top 10 Longest Bridges in the United States - Listosaur ...

With a few exceptions, the longest bridges in the United States are an obscure lot. Here are the 10 longest bridges in the U.S.

List of longest bridges - Wikipedia

This is a list of the world's longest bridges more than three kilometres long sorted by their full length above land or water. "Span" refers to the longest spans without any ground support.

Top Ten Longest Railway Bridges in India - WalkThroughIndia

The Indian infrastructures of bridges are making their way to international market. India has some of the best structure of flyovers, expressway, tunnels and bridges.

The Biggest, Longest, Tallest, and Most Impressive Bridges in ...

The biggest, tallest, longest, and most impressive bridges in the world

10 Most Famous Bridges In The World | Learnodo Newtonic

10 famous bridges historically, engineering wise or due to their bold design from Pont du Gard of 1st Century to Millau Viaduct of the 21st Century.

Bridge | engineering | Britannica.com

Bridge: Bridge, structure that spans horizontally between supports, whose function is to carry vertical loads. The prototypical bridge is quite simple—two supports holding up a beam—yet the engineering problems that must be overcome even in this simple form are inherent in every bridge: the supports must

The 15 Longest Bridges In The World - Business Insider

With the opening of the Quindao Haiwan, Louisiana's Lake Pontchartrain Bridge fell to second longest after holding the top spot since it opened in 1956. We included road bridges with spans that mainly cover water, and excluded bridges over land and structures built for rail ...

10 of the world's longest bridges of various types | CNN Travel

Due to recent feats of Chinese engineering, the four-lane, 5,189-pile concrete trestle bridge north of New Orleans got demoted by Guinness World Records for world's longest bridge over water.

World's longest and highest glass bridge opens in China's ...

World's longest and highest glass bridge opens in China's 'Avatar' mountain (but there are already so many tourists you can barely see the 984ft drop)

World's Scariest Bridges | Travel + Leisure

One of the Alps' longest and highest pedestrian suspension bridges, Trift was built in 2004 to reconnect hikers to a hut made inaccessible by a retreating glacier.

THE WORLD GEOGRAPHY: 10 Spectacular Movable Bridges

A moveable bridge, or movable bridge is a bridge that moves to allow passage (usually) for boats or barges. An advantage of making bridges moveable is the lower cost, due to the absence of high piers and long approaches.

Video: China opens world's longest sea bridge - Telegraph

The 26.4 mile-long Qingdao Haiwan Bridge - the world's longest bridge over sea water - opens to traffic in China.

The 10 longest straight roads in the world - Dangerous Roads.

More than 10.000 roads online. Discover the most spectacular, scenic and dangerous roads in the world with dangerousroads.org

List of tallest bridges - Wikipedia

The list of the world's tallest bridges ranks bridges by the height of their structure. The structural height of a bridge is the maximum vertical distance from the uppermost point of a bridge, such as the top of a bridge tower in a suspension bridge, down to the lowest visible point of a bridge, where its piers emerge from the surface of the ...

World's Longest Bridges | Travel + Leisure

No river is too wide for the incredible feats of engineering that are the world's longest bridges.

Suspension Bridges: Longest Suspension Bridges in the World

Top five longest suspension bridges in the world. Let's get on this journey to discover these amazing pieces of construction.

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